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1/19/2007 - 2/22/2021

before we broke up, we sequestered ourselves in my dad's big old half empty house to record what we hoped would become our next record. Keith took advantage of the pandemic and is remixing it. We hope to release it in less than 20 years.

our other albums are also available to download from the "shows" page.

i found some video from when we made our record. available in .divx format [low] [high].

hi, our band broke up in october. our songs are now online, available on the shows page. also, aaron and keith are playing on december 5, but not at the same time. the show will be at the basement. see his myspace page for more info. thanks.

Imaginary Baseball League is no more. After months of unintentionally leading you guys on with promises of shows and records and all kinds of stuff, Imaginary Baseball League have regrettably called it quits. Several weeks ago, our bassist Ben Evans left the band for personal reasons and moved to San Francisco. Our initial hope was to come back as a bigger and better 5-piece band, replacing Ben's loss with 2 talented musicians. We had very capable new members lined up, but the idea of rebuilding just didn't sit well with some of us. It wasn't just Ben's departure that signaled the end of things for us. Although we were always friends throughout the existence of the band, we didn't always see eye to eye on a lot of things. As with all bands, we had creative tension, and tension in just about every other facet of the band. In the end, I think we realized that our best days may have been behind us. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we really appreciate the love and support we've received from our local and national friends and fans. Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Bowling Green have been particularly good to us, and we wish we had something to give back to you. Soon, we will find a way to get our final recordings out to you, even if it is just through this site. Some of us are already working on new projects, and I'm certain you'll see us around again. We thank all of you so much for everything.

posted by Aaron 8:14 PM

Hey everyone! Thanks for being so patient with us. Unfortunately, due to numerous reasons, we have to cancel our October shows that are currently listed in the shows page. We do still have 10 songs recorded, but the August completion date is turning out to be a little premature. We may not have any news for a while, but we'll do our best to keep you posted on any new happenings.

posted by Aaron 1:52 AM

One more solo show before The League kicks it back into high gear. This Monday night (July 25th) at The Basement. I am opening for London (Ryan Malina's new rock band...remember our EP? It sounds NOTHING like that) & The Hotpipes. Come out. It's the best Monday night show you could possibly see.

Our new record is being mixed by new homeowner, newly engaged, lead guitarist Mr. Keith Childrey. We have set an August deadline for the record being finished. When will it come out? That remains to be seen. We will post a song or 2 at the very least.

posted by Aaron 12:58 AM

There are TWO solo shows that I will be playing this weekend. One of them is VERY last minute. I am playing on Saturday (July 2nd) at Spencers Coffeehouse in Bowling Green, KY. On Sunday, I am playing a solo show at Cafe CoCo in Nashville. The Nashville show features a special solo performance by PETER MATTESON of DEATH COMESTO MATTESON. Both of these shows will feature David Schultz (Richmond, VA) and The Feverfew (solo from Brooklyn, NY) playing as well. Everyone's presence at the Nashville show would be incredibly appreciated. This was a very last minute show, and the other acts on the bill are amazing. I am going to play some new Imaginary Baseball League material and some old stuff as well. If you want to hear something, here's the chance to force me to attempt it.

posted by Aaron 10:11 AM

If you are in ARKANSAS, come see me play a couple of acoustic shows this weekend. Tonight (friday, June 17th), I am playing in Benton, AR w/ Douglas Deluca, Coin Laundry Loser, Ashley Milk, and possibly others. Then, on Saturday, I play at Thrio's Coffeehouse in Arkadelphia, AR w/ Coin Laundry Loser. It'll be a good (slow, acoustic) time. Bring your kleenex. If you need directions or addresses, please go here and look for them: http://www.myspace.com/imaginarybaseballleague

posted by Aaron 2:08 AM

We have been recording all weekend. And we'll do it again next weekend. At least 7 or 8 songs. After that, we'll put it out somehow so people can listen to it. We already started recording some of these songs months ago, but we scrapped it all. That was probably for the best. Also, if you haven't noticed, we have a myspace page now: http://www.myspace.com/imaginarybaseballleague

Go see it and post comments and be nice. Perhaps we will put a rough mix of a new song up there at some point. We'll keep ya posted.

posted by Aaron 1:52 AM

Thanks to everyone who came out to see our Nashville/Murfreesboro shows the past 2 weekends. It's been fun to play music for you all again. The fun continues this weekend in Bowling Green, KY and Dayton, OH. If you will be in those respective areas on Friday and Saturday, come out! In other news, we are looking forward to recording in May, and playing some more after that. Oh, and a glorious new website is in the works. We are out of hybernation.

posted by Aaron 12:52 PM

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